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  • Edmiston Admits Circumventing the Law.
    by Ender Wiggins on December 31, 2011 at 5:54 PM
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    Joe Edmiston essentially admits he uses JPA’s to circumvent the law (“get around the government rig-a-ma-roll”) and advocates non-profit organizations – (such as the Sierra Club?) -- pursue forming their own MRCA-type JPA's except, in their case, with the NPO acting in place of the SMMC as the JPA's "Administrators".

    Assuming these aberrant quasi-government creations of Mr. Edmiston's imagination would have the same powers as the JPA he's created in real life; this would be the first instance in the history of this country wherein a NPO would have a legal means to levy assessments.

    Of course, the NPO would only be "administering" this "wholly independent" JPA, and therefore, could not actually be held directly responsible for levying these assessments. And, even if they could be held morally responsible, those being taxed would never be able to hold them, or anyone else for that matter, ultimately responsible by voting any of the individual board members out of office.

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